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Trailer Types

Quinn Farm Services offers a nationwide haulage service with an extensive range of fully-equipped trailers, to meet your transportation requirements. Click on the different headings for more information about our wide range of trailers.

Low Loaders – Carrying everything from agricultural, forestry and plant machinery, to large bale hay/straw and army tanks, our selection of low loader trailers are designed to adapt to carry a diverse range of loads.

Bulk Tippers – With a payload of 29 Ton, the bulk trailers mostly collect arable crops from farms, for delivery to docks or mills, as well as transporting raw aggregate loads.

Walking Floors – The most flexible bulk trailers, our walking floors carry environmentally friendly substances such as compost and woodchip, and assist in clearing waste sites.

Timber Trailer – The timber trailer, with its own crane and dedicated driver, is as capable off-road in a forest collecting felled wood, as it is on-site delivering and stacking.

Curtainsiders – Complete with truck-mounted moffett forklifts, the curtainsiders are ideal for any solid bulk transportation, ranging from event cabling to potato boxes.

Specialist Trailers – We have a range of specialist trailers, designed to offer the highest possible level of service for your transportation requirements, including a specialist combine trailer and a STGO trailer for heavier loads.