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Quinn Farm Services - Specialist Trailers

As well as our fleet of regular trailers, we offer a range of specialist trailers for the more complex and weighty loads.

Combine Trailer

At Quinn Farm Services we boast a highly-equipped combine trailer. Designed to extend in length and width, and with wheel wells/recesses, this specialist trailer ensures the safe loading and transportation of combine harvesters with their headers. Designed and built to our own specifications, our trailer moves over 50 combines each year for agricultural dealers and independent farmers alike. The trailer can also be used to efficiently carry various types of potato and vegetable harvesters.

Timber Trailer

We offer a 4-bay timber trailer with double-drive tractor unit for all your wood hauling needs. Complete with a fully-certified dedicated operator and timber crane, this trailer boasts a 25 ton net weight capacity. Our timber transportation services across the South East and beyond has proved very popular since its addition to the fleet in 2015.

STGO Trailer

Our STGO (Special Types General Order) trailer is designed to transport heavier than standard machinery, such as crushers, screeners and excavators. This fully power-steered, tri-axle, CAT 2 rated plant trailer offers extra manoeuvrability for easier loading, unloading and transportation of machinery. It is also extendable, to accommodate longer loads.