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Low Loaders

Low loader trailers are designed to carry plant, machinery or vehicles which would normally be too high, heavy or awkward to load on to standard trailers.

We have a fleet of low loader trailers, and are proud to consider ourselves one of the leading low loader hauliers in the South East with the extensive range of work we can cover.

We carry plant, forestry and agricultural machinery, fencing panels and equipment across the country, for agricultural dealerships, farms, and forestry operations. We have also moved some more unusual loads over the years, including army tanks, a helicopter, a horse-drawn carriage and a monster truck.

We also boast a specialist low loader trailer for transporting combine harvesters, and a STGO trailer for those heavier loads. See our Specialist Trailers page for more information.

Our customer database is as varied as the goods we transport. Contact us for more information, or for a quotation and we’ll be happy to help.